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How it all began..

How it all began..


AN IDEA OR OPINION PRODUCED BY THINKING When Sony finally showcased the PS5, I like so many others became super excited at all the advancements and new technology internally. After seeing it externally I must say it just wasn’t my cup of tea. So many people loved it and rightfully so but let’s just say for me I had something else in mind. Either way that didn’t stop me from preordering it, hell I even purchased both disc and digital versions with the hopes the design would grow on me. When I finally got the system home and opened the box and I still had the same feeling. I didn’t just want a different color but a different design. These were just my THOUGHTs at the time and nothing more, figured I would just get different color plates and live with that.


A THOUGHT OR SUGGESTION TO A POSSIBLE COURSE OF ACTION Knowing that the plates could come off it dawned on me, the IDEA! I sketched a rough design of the “The-SUIT”. The concept was meant to be relatively simple. Design something that was more streamline, works with both disc and digital versions, allow the user change the color and lastly utilize the extra internal space. In theory I thought, how hard could it be, it’s just plastic? Boy, was I wrong! I had no idea the execution for this labor of love would take 2 years. The bigger question at the time was how? Where do I start? I’ve had so many ideas over the years but failed to execute. Not for lack of trying but for not having the resources or the connections to bring them to fruition.


PROCESS OF DOING SOMETHING TYPICALLY TO ACHIEVE AN AIM In order to make this happen I had to take ACTION. I was not going to let this idea sit on the shelf. I made a phone call to very close friend of mine with the hopes that he may point me in the right direction. After showing him the rough design, he not only saw the potential, but introduced me to someone whom without him the The-SUIT would not be here. His expertise and work ethic on this project have been second to none. He has become a friend and mentor throughout this whole project. We were able to enlist the help of very talented people who share the vision. From industrial design, manufacturing, website, and various other supports, without this DFC wouldn’t be possible. I am forever grateful for this team. Because of them the The-SUIT is finally here. Sincerely, GS

The mission

The mission

At Dark Fusion Concepts, our mission is to transform the gaming experience by creating innovative and fashionable accessories for gamers, ushering in a new era of designs that will change the game.


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